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Cross Country Online Entries



1.  Create an account. (IF YOU HAD AN ACCOUNT LAST YEAR, USE THAT LOGIN YOUR ROSTER SHOULD STILL BE THERE).  Save your user name and password somewhere for future use.  You can create an account by clicking the Sign-Up button in the middle of the page.  IF YOU ARE RETURNING TO ENTER INTO ANOTHER MEET…and don’t remember your login, they have a forgotten username or password help in the bottom of the login box.

 2.  Put in all of your account information and click continue sign-up on the bottom of the page.  If you are a high school and middle school coach (or male and female) you will want to check all appropriate boxes that apply for any teams you will need to enter at this time or you will have to create a separate account later.

3.  Next you will need to enter your rosters by clicking on the male or female links.  They will look like the icons below: Blue and Pink.  If you only signed up as male or female coach you will only have one of the icons showing.

Your Rosters

These rosters should contain all of your runners.  You will choose among these runners when declaring who will be attending which meets.  After you create your roster, you must enter meets in the "Meets" section below. To create or edit a roster, click its icon.

     Your School Name - male team (0 runners) 

     Your School Name - female team (0 runners)

When you are done entering your athletes, click the Save Changes button and you are done.

4.  After saving your changes, click on the return to main page link at the bottom.  You will be back to the meet screen and should see a calendar of meets at the bottom by date order.  You will need to enter your rosters (they have a diagram/instructions on the page for how to enter your rosters) for the meets you are attending that use this entries program.  You can enter all meets now or enter each one at a later time, just make sure your rosters are in and updated prior to each meet.

5.  You should then see your entire roster with a box to check in front of their name.  (Looks like the picture below.  You can select all by clicking the switch all checkboxes link at the bottom if you wish to enter all.  You can also do that and uncheck the athletes that you know are not competing for that meet as well.  Hit the save changes and your team is entered.

 Your Female Roster For The Name of Invitational Meet
This roster should contain all of your female runners who will be competing at the Name of Meet you are entering.

    (NOTE: male and female rosters are listed separately so you will have to do this to enter both sets of rosters if you coach both genders.)  You can enter your roster for any meets B &W Racing Services are scoring at any time before the entry deadline.

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